Start at SCC, Finish at Clemson: SPECTRA Scholarship Program


The Student Pathways in Engineering and Computing for Transfers program (SPECTRA) makes it easy for you to begin your academic career at Spartanburg Community College and then transfer to Clemson University to finish a bachelor's degree.


SPECTRA header showing Clemson University


You'll enroll in a pre-arranged associate of science program before transferring, and you'll also have access to Clemson faculty and staff, networking and major discovery activities, academic assistance, and special scholarship opportunities. After a minimum of 30 transferable hours and an overall GPA of 2.7, you may transfer to Clemson to complete one of Clemson's eligible engineering or computer science bachelor's degrees.

For more information and to apply for the SPECTRA Scholarship, visit Clemson Spectra website  or contact Joe Santaniello at

Eligible Bachelor's Degrees at Clemson University

      • Bioengineering
      • Biosystems engineering
      • Chemical engineering
      • Civil engineering
      • Computer information systems
      • Computer engineering
      • Computer science
      • Electrical engineering
      • Environmental engineering
      • Industrial engineering
      • Materials science and engineering
      • Mechanical engineering