SCC Champions

SCC Chaser Champions 

After a year full of challenges that truly tested the world, SCC rose to the task and proved that our faculty and staff are the backbone to the continued success of our students and the College. In 2021, we developed a new program that highlighted the exemplary faculty and staff who went truly above and beyond the call of duty to help SCC stand strong, called SCC Champions. This year, with the help of our mascot, Chaser, we continue this new tradition to shine the spotlight on those employees that embody the characteristics of a Chaser Champion: exemplary faculty and staff who have truly gone above and beyond the call of duty and demonstrated dedication to the mission of the College.

The 2021-2022 academic year has been very exciting for SCC. After announcing our Free Tuition Initiative, we welcomed more than 6,000 students into the SCC family – a record enrollment number for the college!  We are expanding key academic programs, offering more opportunities than ever for those seeking to advance their education. And we are proud to introduce our first-ever mascot at SCC: Chaser! We love her so much, we are even naming our employee recognition award after her, and we are happy to present this year's SCC Chaser Champions. You may also view 2021 Champions.

 Below you will find four exemplary employees who capture the true spirit of a champion, as well as a posthumous award to Rick Teal who served more than a decade as SCC's VP of Human Resources, who passed away in 2021.

Watch the 2022 SCC Chaser Champions Virtual Live Stream Event HERE

Meet our 2022 SCC Chaser Champions

Jane Beckler Bird


Jane Beckler Bird 

Creative Manager, Marketing

  1. Jane's Story       

    Jane has a unique ability to translate SCC success stories, our mission, our purpose, and the difference the College makes to so many through colors, photos, drawings, and messaging. She has created inspiring and meaningful bodies of work that help to motivate individuals to attend college and pursue their dreams. This is no more evident than through our beloved new mascot – Chaser the Border Collie – who came to life because of Jane’s creativity and her God-given talents. In Jane’s charge to create our new mascot, she spent hours reading and learning about the “real” Chaser; researching Border Collies, what makes them tick, their look from different perspectives; she researched the fur, eye colors and physique of Border Collies; and she studied photo after photo of the “real” Chaser ­– all in an effort to create a beautiful visual representation of the new SCC mascot. To date, we’ve received nothing but rave reviews of Chaser and the SCC Chasers, both internally and externally. Chaser has become an icon of joy, success, and happiness to children and adults of all ages. Thank you, Jane, for your dedication to SCC and your creativity which brought us our beloved mascot, Chaser.

Garrett Brown Portrait


Garrett Brown

Program Director, Machine Tool Technology

  1. Garrett's Story

    Garrett is devoted to ensuring the success of SCC’s Machine Tool Technology program and its students. He has gone above and beyond to make it a meaningful program by developing new curriculum, visiting with students at local high schools and career centers during their open house, often on his own time, and working closely with local industry to provide apprenticeship and employment opportunities for the MTT students. He has recently been speaking with many local employers to promote the program and the students. He has also created a promotional video of the program which was posted on SCC media platforms that became extremely popular. He always has a positive attitude and is always willing to volunteer his time and efforts to promote SCC. Garrett does all of these extra things for SCC and our students without the expectation of reward or recognition. His positivity and actions have garnered a lot of positive feedback from industry and community. After having sat idle for many years, the MTT Program at Cherokee County Campus has been revitalized with new equipment and curriculum and the offer of evening classes for the first time. Garrett is a true example of what it means to be a Chaser Champion!



Julie Denesha


Julie Denesha 

Department Chair, Nursing

  1. Julie's Story       

    Julie exudes passion and enthusiasm for the Nursing Program. She always makes herself available to students, advisees, and other faculty members. Her motivation and drive can be seen with her desire to ensure that the Nursing Program at SCC thrives. In addition to her role as the Nursing Department Chair, during the course of this academic year, Julie has successfully led her department through their strenuous reaccreditation process, submitted a proposal for and began implementing a new program, and worked on other initiatives across the campus. Because of her efforts, SCC now has a new Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program to meet the needs of the community.  Additionally, she is working to expand the Nursing program. She is actively involved in college events, participates in professional development opportunities, and is committed to improving, growing, and enhancing the Nursing program. Julie, thank you for your drive to make SCC thrive.

Charm Lowe


Charm Lowe

Administrative Assistant, SCC Foundation

  1. Charm's Story

    Charm goes above and beyond her role at Spartanburg Community College and represents the definition of a Chaser Champion each and every day. For five months and on top of her assigned duties, Charm has stepped into the driver seat as a true stand-in for the Executive Director of our Foundation and her performance couldn’t be better. Things can move very quickly in this area, and with each pivot, design, idea, initiative and request that was needed, Charm was there and ready to execute. Her ability to keep the Foundation running as smoothly as possible is due to her being willing to jump in and answer the question before even being asked. Charm was instrumental in delivering a phenomenal IMPACT event this year for the Foundation and did so with ease. An event that the community and Chaser can't stop talking about! Charm, we appreciate and cherish your dedication and commitment to SCC and our Foundation. Thank you for your service!



Remembering a true SCC Chaser Champion, Rick Teal

Rick Teal


In Memoriam: Rick Teal

Vice President of Human Resources

Mr. Rick Teal, SCC’s Vice President of Human Resources from 2010 through 2021, launched the SCC Champion program in 2021 to showcase SCC’s dedicated faculty and staff who, through their extraordinary dedication and hard work, helped the College successfully navigate the challenges we faced as a result of COVID-19.

Mr. Teal truly believed in SCC’s talented workforce and placed a high value on employee recognition and strategic faculty and staff development. With this posthumous award, we honor Rick Teal for his dedication to the mission of the College and the continued development and nurturing of SCC’s talented faculty and staff.

Mr. Teal is a true Chaser Champion whose legacy will live on with the implementation of new faculty and staff development initiatives that will help elevate our talented and dedicated employees to grow professionally and continue to be leaders at the forefront of their careers.