• Spartanburg County Commission for Technical & Community Education

    The Spartanburg County Commission for Technical and Community Education is the governing body of Spartanburg Community College. The Commission s responsibilities are to:
    Establish policy for governing the College,
    Oversee and guide the president in the administration of the College,
    Help establish a favorable and supportive environment for the College.

    Membership includes 13 voting commissioners who are appointed by the governor upon recommendation of the legislative delegations representing Spartanburg, Union and Cherokee counties.

    Seven commissioners reside in and represent each of the seven school districts in Spartanburg County. One commissioner represents Cherokee County and one represents Union County. Two commissioners are at-large residents of Spartanburg County. Additionally, two commissioner serve in an ex-officio capacity: a representative school superintendent from Spartanburg and the chairman of the Spartanburg County Planning Commission.


    Eugene S. "Sonny" Anderson, Jr. | Chairman
    Tracy W. Keller | Vice Chairman
    Tracey G. Hill | Secretary

    Tracey G. Hill - School District No. 1
    Eugene S. "Sonny" Anderson - School District No. 2
    Tracy W. Keller - School District No. 3
    F. Gary Towery - School District No. 4
    W. Bruce Johnson - School District No. 5
    William G. Sarratt - School District No. 6
    Anthony D. Bell - School District No. 7
    Gregory M. Tate - Cherokee County
    Stanley O. Vanderford - Union County
    James M. Folk - Member at Large
    Kimberly A. Fowler - Member at Large
    Whit Kennedy - Ex-Officio Member, Chairman, Spartanburg County Planning Commission
    Kenny Blackwood - Ex-Officio Member, Superintendent, School District No. 3

    SC State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education
    Grantland "Grant" Burns - State Board Member - Fourth Congressional District