Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions and concerns...

At SCC, we want to help you keep your momentum as you pursue college and career goals. Below you will find categories of common questions during this time of continual adjustment and change.  

  1. Class Types, Labs,  Clinicals, etc. (in-person and remote)

    1. How are classes be offered?

      We have a variety of options for all students and their comfort levels: 

      • Limited face-to-face classes with restricted seat capacity
      • Fully online classes
      • Hybrid classes that have an online and limited face-to-face component
      • Synchronous courses that implement a  platform like ZOOM for scheduled, but remote instruction and online components
      • "Flex" courses that allow some students a face-to-face option while giving others a synchronous online option, based on individual comfort levels.  

      See full list and definitions on the class types website page.

    2. Are there face-to-face classes?

      Yes, there will be face-to-face (in person) classes with limited seating capacity.  Some programs with hands-on components such as welding and culinary will have most of their classes in a face-to-face format but delivery will be adjusted to provide as much social distancing as possible.
    3. Are masks required?

      No, as of May 25, 2021.

      SCC no longer require masks or social distancing for anyone who has been fully vaccinated, including employees, students, or visitors starting Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

      According to CDC guidance, face coverings are still recommended for those who are not vaccinated. Additionally, anyone who wants to wear a face covering regardless of their vaccination status is welcome to do so.

      SCC will continue to do everything possible to reduce the likelihood of transmission in the workplace including, but not limited to, encouraging employees who are not fully vaccinated to wear masks, follow social distancing guidelines, and get vaccinated. However, we will not ask anyone for to provide proof of their vaccination status. Masks are available through Student Services for anyone needing one.

    4. Will face-to-face classes be same size as usual?

      No, in most cases class size is limited to 3/4 capacity to provide safe physical distance.
    5. Are labs, clinicals and hands-on classes (welding, culinary, etc.) meeting?

      Yes, in most cases, courses with clinicals or lab components will still meet, as well as hands-on classes like welding and culinary. Adjustments may be made to meeting locations and possibly to the schedule to allow for social distancing. Masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) may be required. If you have a course that is listed as completely online ("N" at the end of the section information), the lab will be conducted virtually and will not meet face-to-face.  If you have questions about a specific course or program, please reach out to the department chair.
    6. What do letters at end of each section mean?

      The letter at the end of your class section indicates "class type" if the class is not a traditional, face-to-face classroom setting (which has no letter at the end). For example, "N" at the end indicates the class is an online class. Other identifications are as follows:

      F = Flex
      H = Hybrid
      M = Mixture
      N = Online
      S = Synchronous

      See full list and definitions on the class types website page.


  2. Sanitization, Face Coverings and Prevention Measures

    Housekeeping teams clean working, learning and common areas based on CDC guidelines for disinfection and Occupational and Environmental Safety Office (OESO) protocols. Hand-sanitizer stations are located at major building entrances, elevator stops and high-traffic areas.

    Masks/Face coverings are no longer required as of May 25, 2021 for anyone fully vaccinated, and recommended for those who have not been vaccinated.

    View or download SCC Return to Campus Fall 2020 (PDF)
    View or download SCC Student Guidelines for Face Coverings and Social Distancing (PDF)

  3. Admissions & Advising

    1. How do I submit my Admissions documents?

      Electronically-submitted and physically-mailed documentation is being processed daily.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions at other educational institutions, we highly recommend electronic submission of documents, if possible.  Documentation may be sent directly to or the Admissions Staff member with whom you have been in contact.  (Note: In order for transcripts to be considered official, they must be sent to directly by the educational institution.) 
      Further information may be found on the SCC Admissions main page
    2. How do I take my placement test?

      Placement testing is being offered in person at each SCC campus.  Please view further information here.

  4. Registration and Planning Courses


    1. Who can help me register?

      Contact the Advising Center: or (864) 592-4990.  

      If you know who your advisor is, you should email or call (864) 592-4990.

      We will be happy to work with you, answer your questions, and get you registered for classes in the type of format you feel comfortable with.

    2. How do I register and plan my courses?

      Students must contact their advisors to plan their schedules before registering for classes. Students can go to MySCC Portal to plan their courses, send them to their advisors for approval, and register for courses.

      1. How to plan a course in MySCC Portal

        How to plan a course in your student portal:
        • Log into your student portal.
        • Under Colleague Applications, select Self-Service.
        • Click on Student Planning.
        • Click on Go to Plan & Schedule.
        • Check the term at the top of your schedule to make sure it displays the correct term your class is in. If this term is not displayed, use the left or right arrow to scroll to the correct term.
        • Type in the course you would like to plan in the Search for Course box on the top right of the page
        • Narrow down the results using the filters on the left to find the sections to fit your schedule
        • Under the correct course, click View Available Sections for the course
        • Look for the correct course section and click Add to Schedule, this will plan the course
        • Once courses have been planned, students will need to send a message to their advisor for them to review and approve the courses
        • After the advisor’s approval, the student will need to log back into their Student Portal and register for the courses


      2. How to register for a class in MySCC Portal.

        How to register for a course in your student portal:
        • Log into your student portal.
        • Under Colleague Applications, select Self-Service.
        • Click on Student Planning.
        • Click on Go to Plan & Schedule.
        • Check the term at the top of your schedule to make sure it displays the correct term your class is in. If this term is not displayed, use the left or right arrow to scroll to the correct term.
        • Once you scroll to the correct term, under each course that says Planned, the student will need to click the blue Register button
        • If the register button is not clicked, the student will not be added to the course

        If you need assistance in registering for a course, email


  5. Financial Aid, CARES Act Relief Fund & Work Study

    1. Who can I talk to about my Financial Aid issues?

      As far as contacting the Financial Aid Office, students should continue to use the normal methods of contact. Use the phone number (864) 592-4810 and These methods are the quickest ways to get questions to the appropriate staff members so they can be answered as fast as possible.
    2. Can CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) help me?

      The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, a Federal Law enacted by Congress, provides funds to assist qualified students in need during the pandemic. This assistance is known as the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF). SCC curriculum students enrolled in the 2020 spring semester who meet the qualifications, will receive a disbursement of the HEERF. For qualifications and other details, view or download the HEERF FAQs document (PDF)

      CARES for SCC Students and CARES for SCC Institution financial/expenditure reports can be found on the primary COVID-19 information web page.


  6. Technical Support and Wi-Fi

    For support on your SCC related technical issues, such as logging into MySCC Portal, email IT Help Desk at More options and information can be found on the MySCC Portal page.

    For Wi-Fi access, download this flyer for locations and details at each SCC campus.

  7. SCC Online, D2L Brightspace

    1. How do I access D2L Brightspace and what are the requirements?

      D2L Brightspace is accessed through the MySCC portal. A Windows or Mac computer using the Chrome or Firefox browser is highly recommended. Chromebooks and tablets can access most of the course content, but may not support all assignments and testing. Some courses may require a webcam or headset microphone for live meetings or recording student projects. Instructors will indicate if there are additional technical requirements for a course.

      Technical Requirements and Course Policies

      Smartphone users may log into D2L Brightspace from a link in the MySCC app. D2L offers a mobile app called Pulse that provides quick access to course calendars and notifications of new grads and course updates.

      D2L Pulse information

      If instructors are using other online systems as a part of the class, there will be links and instructions in D2L Brightspace for that course.

    2. How do I take a proctored test online?

      Most online, synchronous, hybrid, or flex courses require students to take one or more proctored online tests. Since our Testing Center is not available for in-person testing, instructors are using online proctoring services Honorlock or Respondus LockDown and Monitor to allow students to take these tests remotely. Students must have access to a compatible computer, webcam, microphone, and Internet connection. Instructors will inform students which system is used for the course. Both systems offer live support while taking a proctored test. Students will not pay a fee for either service.

      Online tests should be taken in a quiet environment that is free of interruptions and distractions. Before a proctored test, students will be prompted to take a photo of their SCC ID (or government issued photo ID) and scan the testing environment with their webcam. During the test, the student’s webcam, microphone, and screen will be monitored. Students should not use their books, notes, calculators, phones, or other devices during the test, unless specifically allowed in the test instructions.

      Honorlock is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook computers and supports tests in both D2L Brightspace and publisher testing systems. Students must access the course through the Chrome browser and install a browser extension. Tablets and smartphones are not supported.

      Honorlock Student FAQ

      Respondus LockDown and Monitor are compatible with Windows, Mac, and iPads and is only used with tests in D2L Brightspace. Students must first download and install the software. Then, access the course from any browser and click the Launch LockDown Browser button. Chromebooks, Android tablets, and smartphones are not supported.

      Respondus Monitor Overview Video

      Student Quick Reference Guide 


    3. What is Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor?

      Respondus LockDown and Monitor provide additional security for online tests, especially since our Testing Center is closed for proctored testing. Students are expected to follow all of SCC's policies about academic dishonesty and plagiarism when courses are conducted online. LockDown Browser limits students to accessing the test and not any other software, unapproved Internet sites, and printing. Respondus Monitor adds webcam based monitoring while the student takes the test. 

      Students must use a Windows PC, Mac, or iPad to take a test using LockDown Browser or Monitor. The software may be downloaded from the Downloads area of the D2L homepage, a link on the D2L Help menu, or a link in the test instructions. Unfortunately, the software is not available for Android tablets, Chromebooks, or smartphones.

      Respondus Monitor Overview Video 

      Student Quick Reference Guide 

    4. I need help with online learning. Who can help?

      SCC is committed to supporting students online. If you have a question about how your class will meet, assignment instructions or deadlines, and questions about the content of a test, contact your instructor by email. If you don’t know his/her email address, go to the Classlist in your D2L course, and click on the instructor’s name.

      If you are unable to log into the MySCC portal, D2L Brightspace, or email, contact the IT Helpdesk. If you can log into D2L Brightspace, but have questions about how to use the tools in your courses, please contact SCCOnline. 

      IT Helpdesk

      Phone: (864) 592-4682 or toll-free (877) 722-2754

      SCC Online 

      Phone: (864) 592-4961 or toll free (888) 364-9080

  8. Tutoring & Testing

    1. I need help with my classes! Who can help?  

      The Learning Center (TLC) is here ready and waiting to help you!! Got a paper? Send it here Tutors will review and return!

      Need to meet with someone live? Go to Portal>Support Services>The Learning Center. Click on your subject and schedule an appointment! Easy

    2. Can I go to the Testing Center to take my tests?

      Since SCC campuses are closed, and we are practicing social distancing the Testing Center is closed. Please follow your instructor’s directions for testing.


  9. Library & Learning Resources

    1. Is the SCC Library open? If so, what do I need to know about visiting?

      For the most up-to-date library hours at each of our locations, please check our website (Library Hours). The hours may change throughout the semester based on staff availability, so the website (or calling 864-592-4764) is your best option. Also, please check any special announcements on the website that might affect hours as well (these will be on the library hours page).

      To visit the SCC library, you will need to be a current student, faculty, or staff member at SCC. You will need to wear a mask at all times following the college’s policy about shared spaces. Please be considerate to your fellow library users and keep an appropriate distance from them. This semester, the library encourages you to visit as you need, but space is limited, so please come to do what you need and then allow other students to use the library. Please do not hang out or kill time in the library if it is crowded. Also please utilize the library’s virtual services as much as possible – our Ask a Librarian email/chat service or phone will be the best way to get research help as in-person assistance will be limited. Visitors to the library are responsible for disinfecting their work space before and after use with the provided materials, and some shared equipment/resources may not be available during this time. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

    2. What library resources are available off-campus/online?

      Most of the Library’s collection is actually available online! From the Library website: you can access: ebooksencyclopedias, or any of our databases (find articles, etc.).

      We also have streaming online videos available.

      Our wide variety of online databases should cover pretty much any subject you need for classes – if you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask us for help at

      Since you’re off-campus, you will be taken to a log-in page when you try to access our databases. The log in should be your SCC username and password (same log in as your MySCC Portal). If you have any problems with this access let us know:

    3. How do I get virtual/online help from the library?

      Library assistance is still available! Please submit all questions to Ask a Librarian. Librarians are monitoring this service while the library is open. We will do our best to get back to you as fast as possible. Give us as much detail about your questions/assignment as you can. We’re ready to help you with any research questions you might have. This includes using the library website, finding resources, evaluating sources, MLA or APA citations, in-text citations, etc. Also please email us if you’re having any trouble using our online resources. (For review of paper content see the TLC page). While the library is open, librarians may also be available to chat with you online (visit the Ask a Librarian page above).

  10. Career Services 

    1. How can Career Services help me?

      Career Services can help all SCC students and graduates with anything career development-related: resumes, job search, interview skills, and professionalism. Check out our tips page and call our front desk at (864) 592-4820 or email for more information.
    2. How can I connect with employers?

      All SCC students have access to Handshake to find job postings and hiring events exclusively for SCC students. Many local employers are actively hiring right now and there are several job fair events coming up in the Fall, so activate your Handshake account account now to stay updated! We are also scheduling many virtual employer information sessions for the Fall. Those events will also be listed in Handshake. CHECK YOUR SCC EMAIL OFTEN for more news!

    3. Does Career Services offer remote/virtual services?

      Yes! All of our resume critiques, practice interviews, and career development appointments can be done by phone or Zoom meeting. Call our front desk at (864) 592-4820 to schedule your appointment. Services are open to all SCC students and graduates.

  11. Counseling Needs

    1. How do I get in touch with Counseling Services?

      Counseling Services is available for personal support at and at 864-592-4943.  

      Natasha Bussert, Student Services Counselor, will respond to calls during normal business hours:  
      M-Th, 8am-5pm; F 8am-1:30pm.

    2. How do I make an appointment?

      Email with at least three available times in the next week. Natasha Bussert will put one on her schedule and will notify you by email. 

    3. Do you offer 'virtual visits' like some healthcare professionals are providing right now?

      Yes. Microsoft Teams is secure and available to all SCC students to download. Contact Natasha Bussert at 864-592-4943 or email to find out more about using Microsoft Teams for ‘virtual visits.’

  12. Student Disability Services

    1. Will my accommodations apply to my classes if they transition to online or hybrid?

      Yes. Students accommodations, especially testing accommodations, still apply. Students are encouraged to reach out to SDS to discuss accommodation plans and how that will transition to online courses.


    2. I cannot access online content, what do I do?

      Schedule a meeting with SDS to discuss your courses and what accessibility options are available to you. SDS can assist students remotely with accessing their online materials.

    3. I had notes provided to me in class. Now that my class is online, will notes be provided?

      Students needing notes should contact SDS to discuss the need and how to access notes. This information varies depending on how your course is being hosted and SDS is working with faculty and note taking staff to meet the need.

  13. Early College/Dual Enrollment

    1. Can I get advised and registered for fall classes?  

      Yes, fall registration is ongoing. Please contact the SCC Early College office at at (864) 592-4758, and we will be glad to follow up with you.

  14. Student Emergency Funds

    As SCC faculty and staff, we are aware that many of our students hold full or part-time jobs and care for their families while working to earn an SCC degree. The COVID-19 crisis has created even greater challenges for many of you as you transition from classroom instruction to distance learning, and as some of you deal with the recent loss of a job.

    The SCC Foundation maintains two emergency funds for currently enrolled students experiencing financial hardships. 

    If you have a critical need, you may be eligible for emergency assistance. Click here to apply: John and Putsy Wardlaw Emergency Fund Application

    For help with textbook expenses, you may apply for assistance from the Sherry Vaughn Textbook Fund.

  15. If You Feel Sick

    Know what to do if you feel sick, from DHEC website

    As always, communicate with your instructors/teachers if you are missing classes or to request exceptions due to illness or caring for someone ill.