Economic Visionaries

Kyler and AlValon

ev21 05272021


Economic Visionaries Sponsorship = SCC Student Scholarship

The Upstate is the engine driving South Carolina’s economy! Since BMW Manufacturing Company opened in Spartanburg more than 25 years ago, the floodgates have remained open and investment from all across the globe has poured in. Spartanburg County is now home to more than 200 international companies employing tens of thousands of workers. 
From the automotive industry to carbon fiber, healthcare to distribution, the Upstate manufactures, exports and innovates process changes the world. That level of investment and economic success; however, would not be possible without partnerships- people moving in the same direction to achieve common goals. 

To that end, Spartanburg Community College hosted the annual Economic Visionaries event, providing an ideal opportunity to join together and celebrate our collective accomplishments. Economic Visionaries was an exciting way to showcase and celebrate the companies making a significant impact in the Upstate of South Carolina. Over the last four years, the annual event hosted more than 2400 guests and raised over $750,000 to support SCC student emergency, book fund requests and provide resources for professional development for faculty. 
The March 12, 2020 gala was the “last public event in Spartanburg” before COVID-19 altered our everyday routines. Each of us have been impacted by the pandemic, as we are adjusting to a “new normal”.

Due to COVID-19 and the many components that are involved with spearheading an event of this size and scope, the SCC Foundation Board of Directors and new SCC President, Dr. Michael Mikota, have decided not to host Economic Visionaries in 2021.

The SCC Foundation will continue its focus of raising funds to serve its mission: to generate resources of all kinds by building and strengthening partnerships to advance the goals of Spartanburg Community College. 

Over the past months, SCC has continued to educate and enhance the learning experience through on-line, hybrid and face-to-face instruction, so the need to raise funds for students and the campus community remains crucial.

In lieu of the event, sponsorship dollars will fund an annual scholarship in your company’s name to a deserving student(s) and be awarded in Spring 2021. Your company will have an opportunity to meet the scholarship recipient and be publicized on SCC Foundation’s social media platforms. 

Help us to continue to provide an affordable education for our workforce of tomorrow by making your contribution before March 18, 2021.