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Which Design Program is Best for You?

SCC Digital Design Program Director John Hoyle explains the various programs offered, and which option works best for career path choices.



University Transfer: Associate of Arts, Digital Graphic Design Advising Track

Acalog Program Component​
  1. AA Digital Graphic Design Advising Track


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  1. Digital Design Certificate

  2. Digital Design, AAS Degree

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Digital design students acquire skills to become a graphic or web designer. Emphasis is placed on design, digital imagery and typography.
1. TAKE COL-101, CPT-101, ENG-101,MAT-155,AND SPC-205 2. TAKE ONE COURSE FROM THE COURSES LISTED: ART-101 ART-107 ART-108 ENG-102 ENG-228 HSS-101 MUS-105 PHI-101 PHI-105 PHI-110 REL-101 REL-104 REL-105 REL-201 OR THE-101 3. TAKE ONE COURSE FROM THE COURSES LISTED: ANT-101 ECO-201 ECO-210 ECO-211 GEO-101 GEO-102 HIS-101 HIS-102,HIS-104 HIS-105 HIS-115 HIS-201 HIS-202 HSS-205 PSC-201 PSC-215 PSC-220 PSY-103 PSY-201 SOC-101 SPC-209 OR SPC-212
TAKE BOTH GROUPS: 1. TAKE THE FOLLOWING COURSES: ARV-110, ARV-162, ARV-163, ARV-217, ARV-227, ARV-228, ARV-261, ARV-264, ARV-279 CGC-101, CGC-110, CGC-115 AND MKT-240 2. TAKE ART-111 OR ART-121



Are you a creative person? Do you have a knack for design? In our visual world there are many careers available in the printing, publishing and technology industry. At SCC, Digital Design students use computers and software to create graphics and page layouts for traditional printing and online publishing. Students have access to a modern, state-of-the-art Macintosh Computer lab where they learn the professional applications of Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Dreamweaver. Digital photography and advertising design are also key components in this program.

Graduates in Digital Design program acquire careers in graphic and/or web design in several areas (see chart below for a breakdown of career options and related programs).


  •  Digital Design Associate Degree: Our most popular track is the Digital Design Associate in Applied Science degree. This 2-year degree is a 5-semester program and includes all courses in software and design for graphic designers.
  • Digital Design Certificate: This 1-year, 3-semester certificate is geared more for the student who seeks a basic understanding of graphic design and the software to sharpen current skills. Students who complete this certificate can enter the workforce, but usually with less pay than the associate degree (2-year) graduate.
  • University Transfer, Associate in Arts, Digital Graphic Design Advising Track: Those pursuing a graphic design and web design career with a bachelor's degree should enroll in Associate in Arts degree with Digital Design electives program, completing their first 2 years at SCC. SCC has a partnership with USC Upstate. See more details about this program and others in the chart below.
  • Become a graphic and/or web designer in advertising agencies, printing industry, publishing industry, corporations and others.
Comprehensive, advanced skills technical degree with emphasis on software & design, including marketing and business courses

Digital Design Associate Degree in Applied Science, General Technology

  • Enhance current skills by adding software and design skills or prepare for entry level job (such as in a print shop).
Basic skills in graphic and/or web design Digital Design Certificate
  • Transfer to a 4-year college or university to earn a bachelor's degree.
Highest skill level with bachelor's degree in graphic design Associate of Arts, University Transfer
Digital Design Advising Track

Internships may be available at:
  • Belue Farms
  • Mossburg Signs
  • Southern Printing
  • UPS Store