Culinary Arts Addendum

Culinary Arts Addendum 

1. TAKE 1 COURSE FROM THE COURSES LISTED: ART-101, ART-107, ART-108, ENG-102, ENG-228, HSS-101, MUS-105, PHI-101, PHI-105, PHI-110, REL-101, REL-104, REL-105, REL-201, THE-101; 2. TAKE COL-101, PSY-103, SPC-205, AND MAT-155
TAKE BKP-119, BKP-220, CPT-101, CUL-101, CUL-102, CUL-103, CUL-104, CUL-129, CUL-135, CUL-145, CUL-155, CUL-178, CUL-216, CUL-220, CUL-235, CUL-236, HOS-245, AND HOS-256;

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