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The Culinary Arts Program at SCC is dedicated to providing each student with the opportunity to develop their personal skills to obtain a position in their chosen culinary field. Each student will learn from industry professionals in a professionally outfitted kitchen. Instructors will give each student the opportunity to develop in each area of the culinary industry at the student's own pace. This culinary program falls under SCC's School of Business.

Culinary Lab Uniform Policy
Culinary Arts Syllabi:  Select BKP, CUL, and HOS headings. 
Culinary Arts Addendum:  

Graduates of ACFEF accredited postsecondary degree or certificate/diploma programs who are members at the time of graduation are eligible to receive either a Certified Culinarian® (CC® ) or Certified Pastry Culinarian® (CPC® ) certification depending on the concentration of their program without paying any fees or taking any separate exams. Non-member graduates are assessed an $85 fee. All graduates must provide a copy of their final transcript showing date of graduation and documentation of ACF membership at the time of graduation. Certificate/Diploma graduates must also document one year of entry level work experience to receive their certification. Application and documentation must be submitted within one year of graduation.

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  1. Culinary Arts Certificate

  2. Culinary Arts Technology, AAS Degree

Program Information
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Culinary Arts students learn the basic principles and applications of the food service industry. Competencies include safe food handling practices, sanitation, knife skills, equipment operation and safety, dining room operations and service, nutrition applications, and food preparation; garde manger, entrees, baked goods and pastries, and buffet planning and organization.
1. TAKE 1 COURSE FROM THE COURSES LISTED: ART-101, ART-107, ART-108, ENG-102, ENG-228, HSS-101, MUS-105, PHI-101, PHI-105, PHI-110, REL-101, REL-104, REL-105, REL-201, THE-101; 2. TAKE COL-101, PSY-103, SPC-205, AND MAT-155
TAKE BKP-119, BKP-220, CPT-101, CUL-101, CUL-102, CUL-103, CUL-104, CUL-129, CUL-135, CUL-145, CUL-155, CUL-178, CUL-216, CUL-220, CUL-235, CUL-236, HOS-245, AND HOS-256;


Take a fully-equipped, state-of-the art kitchen facility, add professional chef instructors and a collaborative, student-team environment and you have a recipe for culinary success! For some, SCC's culinary programs lead to jobs with the finest local restaurants, while others use their skills to start their own culinary business. SCC's Culinary Arts certificate or degree is your key to a bright future in this exciting industry.
SCC's culinary programs can prepare you for a career as a baker, banquet chef, pantry cook, assistant production manager, garde manger, saute cook, dining room host or server, food purveyor representative or catering chef.
The Culinary Arts program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Educational Foundation Accrediting Commission. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also has information on national trends in culinary and related careers. Learn about real-time job openings and salary information through Career Coach.



Culinary Arts
Turn your passion for food into a career!

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