Preceptor Orientation

Preceptor Orientation


If you are a prospective or current student, disregard all information contained herein.  This information is specifically for our Clinical, Field Experience, and Field Internship preceptors who currently work with our students. 


In part, CAAHEP Accreditation Standard III.B.1.a, Program Director Responsibilities, requires “…the orientation/training and supervision of clinical and field internship preceptors.”  The training/orientation must include specific topics mandated by CAAHEP:

  • Purposes of the student rotation (minimum competencies, skills, and behaviors)
  • Evaluation tools used by the program
  • Criteria of evaluation for grading students
  • Contact information for the program
  • Program’s definition of Team Lead
  • Program’s required minimum number of Team Leads
  • Coaching and mentorship techniques

All the above are included in the Spartanburg Community College Emergency Medical Service Program Clinical & Internship Preceptor Orientation/ Training presentation. 

Following review of the presentation, you must complete documentation of Orientation/ Training.  The link to the document can be found on a slide at the end of the presentation.  The link will take you to a three question survey on Survey Monkey.