Update Contact Information

  • Update Your Contact Information Often

    Please verify every semester that your contact information is up to date. SCC uses this information to contact you for emergencies, password change/verification, and communicating important college related information. SCC does not share this information with any non-SCC related entity for any reason.

    Adding an Alternate Email

    1. Log into your account in the MySCC Portal
    2. Click Self-Service located on the right side of the page under Colleague Applications
    3. In the Colleague Self-Service program click on your Profile picture located on the top right corner of the screen or the bottom left screen menu Click User Profile
    4. Scroll down to the Email Addresses section and click the Add New Email button
      1. In the Enter Email Details box, enter your alternate Email Address (e.g. Gmail, yahoo, etc..)
      2. In the Type pull-down menu select Internet or Web
      3. Click the Add Email button
      4. Click the Confirm button to validate your email address (you should see a message stating User Profile information confirmed on mm/dd/yyyy )

    Best Contact Phone Number

    SCC IT recommends your cell phone number

    1. In the Self-Service Application, under your User Profile, scroll down to the Phone Numbers section.
    2. Click the Add New Phone (for adding a phone number) or the Pencil icon to change your phone number.
    3. Enter in the best Phone number with which you would like SCC to contact you.
    4. Select the type of contact phone number from the pull down menu. (Cellular number for texts and emergency contact)

    Download How to Update Your Contact Information PDF