Bulleting Board Postings

  • SCC Student Life - Advertising and Campus Posting Guidelines

    SCC Student Life Office manages several bulletin boards on all the campuses. In order to post information, advertise or add/remove items on these boards, approval must be granted by Student Life. Following are guidelines and details regarding the bulletin boards and more.

    • Purpose: To provide adequate bulletin board and notification space at all campuses to inform members of the college community of approved campus and community activities, college-wide announcements and other notices of importance.
    • Authority: The President has given the Student Life Coordinator and his/her designees the responsibility and authority to ensure bulletin boards and posted public notice areas are appropriately used for the benefit of the college community.
    • Applicability: This policy applies to all students, employees, and constituents of the college who make use of these information resources. Postings refers to any hard copy advertisement/notification displayed on any campus of Spartanburg Community College.
    • Policy: Posting of information and/or announcements on any campus bulletin board managed by SCC Student Life requires advance approval prior to posting. All postings must comply with the information standards outlined in the procedures below.
    • Procedures: Download or view the official posting guidelines (PDF)