American Sign Language (ASL)

Transfer to a 4-year with ASL pathway.

Learn how to communicate with the deaf or hard of hearing with SCC's University Transfer: ASL pathway. You'll develop fluent skills using this language, the third most commonly used language in the U.S. Students who want to learn ASL can choose from two options.

What are my pathway options?

  1. University Transfer: ASL - The associate of arts program has an ASL advising track for students specializing in ASL or interpreting. See the AA program information page for more details.
  2. ASL credits - Students in associate of arts or associate of science programs can take ASL for elective credit, and ASL is recognized as language credit at the following South Carolina institutions (as well as many other colleges across the nation):
      • Clemson University
      • Columbia College
      • Converse College
      • Limestone University
      • North Greenville University
      • University of South Carolina Upstate