Benefits of Spark Center

  • Facilities for Light Warehousing/Manufacturing

    Prime industrial space is available for use at Spark Center SC, including a 90,000+ sq. ft. area that includes office space. Other areas feature a 5-ton overhead crane, loading docks and more. View details about featured warehouse/light manufacturing space at Spark Center SC (PDF).

    Office Services for Clients at Spark Center SC

    All business clients located in the Spark Center SC are provided many benefits. Office services are also provided to clients including the following:
    Telephone: One telephone device at a monthly fee of $30 per line plus the cost of long distance calls.
    Fax Connectivity: An additional line may be installed, at a charge to the client, for connection and adapter.
    Internet Connectivity: The facility has Wi-Fi connectivity (100 Mbps) in most areas or has hard-wired fiber optic connections prepositioned.
    Copier: Copiers are made available to all clients; with a nominal charge of 4 1/2 cents per copy or 15 cents per color copy.
    Limited Administrative Services: Limited, short term, administrative services may be provided to clients as needed.

  • Business types to be considered could include:
    Business and Professional Services
    Advanced Manufacturing

    Flexible design to meet company-specific needs
    Loading bay and warehouse space available
    Private entrances
    Break room space

  • What Clients are Saying

    "Within days after the tornado destroyed our office, we were able to move all of our employees to the Spark Center SC and resume operations. No other organization would have been able to help us get set up as quickly and efficiently as the Spark. The Spark Center SC helped pave the way for the success we are experiencing today."
    - David B. Petty, Chief Marketing Officer

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    "The exceptional resources offered by the Spartanburg Community College's Spark Center SC were key factors in making the very competitive site selection decision for Kobelco. Not only did this great facility provide an excellent 'soft landing', but it also allowed Kobelco to hit the ground running into a bright and prosperous future."

    - Hiroshi "Rocky" Morita, VP Spartanburg Operations

    Kobelco Construction Machinery U.S.A. Inc.