Welcome to Experiential Learning at SCC!


Experiential learning, typically an internship, co-op, apprenticeship, or Technical Scholar, combines academic studies with work experience related to a student's specific program of study. These experiences offer invaluable hands-on learning through a paid, or non-paid, assignment in a supervised work setting. It's a win-win-win for SCC, SCC students, and local employers.


How do students benefit?

  • Expands learning beyond the classroom
  • Applies new skills and experiences to classroom instruction
  • Gains academic credit toward graduation
  • Develops professional work and human relations skills
  • Improves self-confidence, maturity and judgment


How do employers benefit?

  • Cost-effective recruitment and training of potential employees
  • Access to pre-screened, motivated students with a wide range of skills
  • Increased employee retention
  • Low-risk supervisory experience for present employees
  • An opportunity to participate in and influence the educational process


How does the college benefit?

  • Increases community support
  • Keeps education current with employer needs
  • Increases equipment availability to co-op student
  • Assists with placement of graduate in the workforce


Students: Apply for an internship or co-op by contacting the Career Services Office (see phone numbers and more information to the left). 

Employers: Share information about a new internship, co-op, or apprenticeship opportunity with your company or organization by contacting Andi Moose, Director of Career Services, at moosea@sccsc.edu or 864-592-4954.