Transferring Your Accommodations

Student Disability Services can help

Accommodations for disabilities do not transfer from one institution to another. Students are required by law to "self-identify" by contacting the office of disability service at each prospective campus and follow their respective registration processes. While accommodations do not transfer from one college to another, SCC's SDS is happy to provide you with a copy of your file including approved accommodations, documentation, and other notes to help the transition to another school.

Prospective colleges will have their own registration process, policies, and procedures to request accommodations. Do not expect various colleges to provide the same services in the same manner. Being provided a specific accommodation at one institution does not ensure that the same accommodation can or will be provided at another.

Request accommodations at your new school as soon as possible...

When transferring to a new institution, it's important that accommodation requests be sent as early as possible. Coordinating services, providing accessible materials, hiring staff to provide services, and ensuring classroom accessibility all take considerable amounts of time to arrange. This is especially true for colleges that may not have had an opportunity to accommodate in the past.

Best practice would be to inform your prospective institution when you have decided that you intend on transferring to them. This allows the college time to evaluate the program you are interested in and start collecting resources so that you can be accommodated when you transfer.

Last minute self-identification and registration can delay your start date if services cannot be coordinated in time, or if materials have not been converted for the program or course you're taking.

Students should be aware that colleges may title their student disability services (SDS) offices differently. If you do not see a student disability services office, look for a Student Accessibility Services (SAS), or an Office of Accessibility Services (OAS). If you're unsure, call your prospective college and request the contact information for the disability services office. Our SDS office is happy to help with this communication for students who are registered with us.

Part of the self-identification and registration process that you will have to follow will include sharing documentation of disability. SDS is happy to share copies of the documentation that you have on file with you directly. SDS does not share confidential documentation with anyone other than the student. To request copies of your documentation on file with SDS, please fill out the "Documentation Request" form under the "Forms" tab.