Am I Eligible for Financial Aid?


You must be accepted for enrollment in an eligible program to receive any type of federal aid. General Education Development (GED) and continuing education courses are not eligible courses. Audited classes will not be considered in determining your enrollment status.

Students enrolled as a special or transient student in an Admission of Special Applicants Program (ASAP) are not eligible for financial aid or VA benefits. Eligibility can only be based on those courses required for graduation or as a prerequisite for courses required in your program of study.
For federal aid programs only, once a student has completed a course two times that course cannot count in the enrollment status. All the terms in a semester are combined to determine your enrollment status for that semester.

The original award notice is based on full-time status; however, aid will be reduced based on the actual number of credit hours in which you enroll. Remember if you are not full-time, you do not pay as much for tuition and fees.

Final enrollment status is determined as of the census date each semester:

  • Full-time status: 12+ credit hours
  • Three-quarter time status: 9-11 credit hours
  • Half-time status: 6-8 credit hours
  • Less than half-time status: 1-5 credit hours