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  • To receive a degree, diploma or certificate, transfer students must complete at least 25 percent of their program semester hours at SCC. The remaining 75 percent may be any combination of transfer credit, American Council on Education (ACE) College Credit, Advanced Placement (AP), articulation from secondary and vocational/technical schools, CLEP, credit by examination, or experiential learning. Refer to the current SCC catalog for procedures and requirements for credit from any of these sources.
  • The registrar evaluates credits from other institutions. The registrar may seek input from thed dean or department head to determine the applicability of specific courses. The vice president for academic affairs has final approval on transfer credits to a specific program of study. In general, transfer credit is awarded when a course is:
    • from a post-secondary institution accredited by a regional accreditation association, such as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
    • similar in content to the catalog synopsis of the corresponding course at Spartanburg Community College
    • required, or permitted as an elective, in the program
    • graded at a letter grade of "C" or better, or a numerical grade of 2.0 or better (on a 4-point scale)
    • Not a duplication of credits already earned.
  • SCC reserves the right to determine whether a particular course meets the requirements and standards for college transfer. Although a course may be transferable, it may not necessarily apply to a particular major (degree, diploma, or certificate). Program displays in the Spartanburg Community College catalog include the general education, major, and elective requirements for each program of study at the college.
  • Spartanburg Community College does not use transfer credits in grade point average (GPA) calculations.

How Do I Enroll as a Transfer Student?


Transient Student - Are You Planning to Take Courses at SCC While Enrolled at Another College?


 Transient students are required to submit an online application for admission; there is no application fee required. Transient students should follow the steps below:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor or Registrar at your home institution to determine the class offered at SCC that will meet your current program requirement. The student, with assistance from their advisor/Registrar, is responsible for determining the transferability of classes taken at SCC.
  2. Review SCC’s class offerings by visiting the website at https://www.sccsc.edu/. scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Search for Classes.” Make sure you review the list of classes offered during the term in which you are interested in attending. If the needed class is offered at SCC, you will need to secure a Transient Coursework Approval Form from your home institution. This form must include the class name, prefix number, and section number and be signed by you and your advisor or institution’s Registrar.
  3. Submit an online application for admission at https://sccsc.elluciancrmrecruit.com/Apply/. Submit the signed Transient Coursework Approval Form to the SCC Admissions Center. Note, you may want to ensure the needed class is being offered before submitting an application.
  4. Submit the Residency Certification Form. The form is available on the online application under the “Residency” section. This form may also be found on our website https://www.sccsc.edu/. A copy of your driver’s license (and that of anyone upon whom you are dependent) must also be submitted along with the form.
  5. Transcripts from your home institution are not required as long as you have submitted the Transient Coursework Approval Form. If you are interested in enrolling in additional classes not included on this form, you must either submit an updated transient form or submit college and possibly high school transcripts to ensure you have completed all prerequisites. Unofficial transcripts are sufficient for this step. In general, a transient form indicates the student is in good academic standing and meets the equivalent prerequisite requirements for the SCC class in which the student is enrolled.
  6. Assessment/entrance scores (ACCUPLACER, ACT, SAT) are not required as long as the Transient Coursework Approval Form has been submitted. If you are interested in enrolling in additional classes not included on this form and for which you have not previously met the prerequisites, you must complete the required portion of ACCUPLACER to determine placement.
  7. Once the application for admission, Transient Coursework Approval Form, Residency Certification Form, and ID have been submitted and processed, and registration has opened for the semester of attendance, you may register for classes by completing a registration form. The registration form may be entered by an advisor in the Admissions Center or the SCC Registrar. The registration may also be done via email communication. Contact the Admissions Center, 864-592-4410, or use the email address: admissions@sccsc.edu for further information.
  8. Tuition and other enrollment fees must be paid by the stated deadline.
  9. A parking pass is required by students taking class on any SCC campus and can be obtained in the Business Office on the central campus or in the administration office on other SCC campuses. There is no fee for the parking pass.
  10. A SCC student ID is required and can be obtained in the Admissions Center on any SCC campus.
  11. Books are available in the SCC Book Inn located on central campus. Students may also purchase books online by visiting https://www.sccsc.edu/bookstore/.
  12. Once you have completed your course(s), you must request an official transcript be sent back to your home institution. Electronic transcripts can be ordered online through Parchment or through our Records office website: https://www.sccsc.edu/transcripts/.

Please note: Transient students are not eligible to receive free tuition or financial aid through Spartanburg Community College. Students are encouraged to contact the financial aid office of their home institution for more information.