Tutoring and Academic Support: Because Your Goals Are Our Goals, Too


At SCC, we want you to know that your dreams are attainable and we're here to provide the academic support services to help. Whether it's providing a tutor, a distraction-free testing environment, or a little extra "TLC" at The Learning Center, SCC has you covered. You'll find many resources here to support your academic development and ensure a positive learning environment for all students.

AIM Center


The AIM Center is a valuable resource for qualified students who need financial assistance for books (program specific), child care, one-time tuition assistance, and city bus tickets. All students who are are facing economic hardship, limited in English proficiency, single parents (including single, pregnant women), enrolled in non-traditional programs, out of workforce, disabled, homeless, in/aged our of foster caer, or students whose parents are in active military are eligible to apply for assistance. 

The AIM Center is a grant-funded program through Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century (Perkins V). 

TLC: The Rita Allison Learning Center


The TLC on SCC's Giles campus offers students academic support via one-on-one and group tutorials in many academic subjects, as well as access to a state-of-the-art open computer lab with skilled assistance. SCC also offers “Ask-A-Tutor," which allows online students to submit papers or questions to tutors and lab assistants. 

Tutoring services are also available at all SCC locations.

Testing Center


If tests make you a little nervous, SCC's Testing Center offers a convenient, secure, and distraction-free environment for a positive testing experience. A range of assessment services are available, including makeup testing and proctored online testing. This is available for all SCC students, as well as students from other colleges.